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Saturday, June 7, 2014


Hartman holds a master of fine arts degree from Savannah College of Art and Design and a bachelor of arts in art history from Davidson College.  Outside group and solo exhibitions, Hartman works as a commissioned portrait artist.  She is a native of Charleston, West Virginia.


wait weight don't tell me, The Sparetime, Savannah, GA, 2013.
Work from Home, Annex Gallery,  Charleston, WV, 2008. 
Recent Work, Madame Chrysanthemum, Savannah, GA, 2007.     
Plants and Animals, The Gallery Espresso, Savannah, GA,  2005.  
Meadowcrest, The Gallery Espresso, 2004.
Wholesome, Starland Gallery, 2002.
Stages, Talialou Gallery, Savannah, GA, 2002.
Recent Work, Nest Gallery, Beaufort, SC, 2002-3.
Recent Work, Annex Gallery, Charleston, WV, 2002.
Tenterhooks, Good Eats, Savannah, GA, 2001.
Solo, The Gallery Espresso, 2001.
Freehand,  Cafe Metropole, Savannah, GA, 2000.
Springmaid, The Gallery Espresso, 1999.
Recent Work, Sapphire Grill, Savannah, GA, 1999.
Memory, Symbol, Self, Athena Gallery, Savannah, GA, 1998.
January, Bistro Savannah, 1997.
Recent Work, Savannah International Airport, 1997.


La Dolce Vita: the Telfair Museum Annual Ball and Art Auction, 2013.
Collective: Decay, Grace, curated by Jeff DoranSavannah, GA, 2012.
Art and Commerce: Fashion's Night Out Savannah, curated by Katherine Sandoz, 2012.
Southern Discomfort: Images Inspired by the Writing of Flannery O'Connor. Gallery 1704, Savannah, GA, 2012.
Nine: Betsy Cain, Marcus Kenny, Christine Sajecki, et al.,  curated by Blanche Nettles Powers, Gallery 1704, Savannah, GA, 2011.
Seventeenth Annual Telfair Art Fair; Open Art, Savannah, GA, 2011.
All Hands on Deck; Savannah Skate Park Auction; Little Beasts Gallery, Savannah, GA, 2011.
Liquids & Solids; Mary Hartman and Troy Wandzel, curated by Casey Belogorska, Local ElevenTen, Savannah, GA.  2011.
Telfair Museum Drawings Collectiongift by Arthur B. Kouwenhoven, Savannah, GA.
West Virginia Women Artists, Erma Byrd Gallery, University of Charleston, WV, Permanent Collection.
Ossabaw Island; Works on Paper and Wood, curated by Christine Sajecki, Atwell’s Art and Frame, Savannah, GA, 2011.
Mass Romantic, figure drawing collection curated by Casey Belogorska, Indigo Sky Gallery, 2011.
In Residence, collaborative house installation, Fishel-Stephensons, Savannah, GA, and, 2011 to present.
ArtSounds, Indigo Sky Gallery, Savannah, GA, 2011.
Works on Paper - Ossabaw, Atwell’s Savannah, GA, 2010.  Ossabaw Island Annual Fundraiser, 2009-10.
Atwell’s Fine Art and Frame, Savannah, GA.
Fifteenth Annual Telfair Art Fair: Open Art, Savannah, GA, 2009.    
Taste, M.E.A.T. Studio Exhibition, Savannah, GA, 2009.
Citywide Open Studio Savannah, 2008 and 2009.
Fourteenth Annual Telfair Art Fair, Savannah, GA. 2008.
Thirteenth Annual Telfair Art Fair, Savannah, GA. 2007.
Women’s Images, Grand Bohemian Gallery, Savannah, 2007.      
Uncovering Images: Gerome Temple, Julio Garcia, Mary HartmanGrand Bohemian Gallery, Savannah, 2007.
Twelfth Annual Telfair Art Fair, Savannah, GA, 2006. Honorable Mention Merit Award.
Yellow, Annex Gallery, Charleston, WV,  2006.
Telfair Museum Annual Art Auction participant. 
Winter Exhibition, Annex Gallery, Charleston, WV, 2003.
Group Drawing Exhibit, Starland Gallery, Savannah, GA, 2002.
Patrons of Cafe Metropole, contributor, 2002.
Resident Artists: Recent Work, Venus de Milo, Savannah, GA, 2002.
Historic Savannah Foundation Auction, 2000.
CAS Fine Art Collective Exhibitions, Savannah, GA, 2000 – 200,
Recent Work: Elisabeth Hartman and Mary Hartman, Davis Fine Arts Center, West Virginia State College, Institute, WV, 1999.
Local, Annex Gallery, Charleston, WV, 1999.
Symbols of Structure and Memory, Savannah College of Art and  Design, Bergin Hall.  Two-woman show with Laura Terry, 1997.
Savannah Fine Arts, 1997 - 2000.
Jewels of the South, Sarah Baine Gallery, Fullerton, CA, 1997.
I95 to New York, Broome Street Gallery, New York, NY, 1997.
Low Country and Beyond, Savannah, GA, 1997.
Georges’ of Tybee, Tybee Island, GA, 1997 - 2006.
The Big Picture, Savannah College of Art and Design, 1996.
Carnegie Hall Juried Exhibition, Lewisburg, WV, 1994.
Allied Artists Juried Show, Sunrise Museum, Charleston, WV, 1992.

         My work is involved with texture and memory.  I try to keep in mind and in hand principles of movement and economy, speed and light, and appreciate interplay between illusory and non-illusory space and form.  Rhythm matters a great deal-- as does contrast between areas of quiet and of activity-- as well as exploitation of accident.  I'm glad for the materials to indicate for themselves what should happen, what is effective, what isn't, and value the surprise of each when changed by ground and gravity and liquid, as well as subsequent choices from among these changes.  
I work with vine and compressed charcoal, pastel, and acrylic wash with large brushes on heavy hot pressed watercolor paper, canvas and panel.  
I appreciate still life objects that have meaning for me, either formally or historically or both, and am encouraged when objects are able to achieve their own light, which is, I'm finding, often helped by preservation of collateral negative space, when it's able to read 'light,' to partner with the subject.

- Mary Hartman, September 2013.

Friday, June 6, 2014


mary's george.  charcoal and acrylic on paper.  60 x 44 inches.

cusp.  compressed charcoal and ink wash on paper.  60 x 44 inches.
 beguiled acrylic wash on canvas.  48 x 36 inches.

(swish).  oil on canvas.  48 x 36 inches.

home.  charcoal and acrylic wash on canvas.  60 x 44 inches.
doubleback.  detail.  acrylic wash on canvas.  60 x 44 inches.
from the west.  conte and pastel on paper.  30 x 22 inches.
high noon.  pastel and gouache on paper.  22 x 22 inches.
tenterhooks.  pastel and gouache on paper.  30 x 22 inches.

Thursday, June 5, 2014


study.  charcoal on paper.  15 x 11 inches. 

koji.  charcoal on paper.  16 x 18 inches.

jonah.  charcoal on paper.  16 x 18 inches.

cricket, naples yellow.  charcoal and acrylic wash on canvas.  14 x 11 inches.

Lila.  charcoal on paper.  15 x 11 inches.

 Lila, II.  charcoal on paper.  15 x 15 inches.

Stella.  charcoal on paper.  15 x 15 inches.

cricket, payne's gray.  charcoal and acrylic wash on canvas.  14 x 11 inches.

brother.  charcoal on toned paper.  20 x 16 inches.

Monday, June 2, 2014


messenger.  charcoal and ink wash on bristol board.  24 x 18 inches.

head scarf.  charcoal, ink, and acrylic wash on paper.  30 x 22 inches.

resemblance - km.  charcoal and conte on toned paper.  14 x 11 inches.

tomato stake.  charcoal, conte, acrylic wash on paper.  30 x 22 inches.

expecting.  figure study.  charcoal on paper.  14 x 11 inches.

melinda's class II.  oil on canvas.  20 x 14 inches.

melinda's class.  oil on canvas.  20 x 14 inches.

Still Life

narrow plenty.  charcoal and chalk wash.  22 x 8 inches.

cracks in the finish; what can happen.  charcoal and acrylic wash on paper.  30 x 22 inches.

'hot and full enough of flies' -- flanner o'connor; skillet.  charcoal and wash on linen.  20 x 14 inches.

 savannahsaurus.  harbor crane.  charcoal and conte on rosin paper.  40 x 28 inches.

what is most pressing.  charcoal and pastel on panel.  44 x 26 inches.

plenty.  charcoal, gouache, and acrylic on paper.  30 x 22 inches.